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Appleton Greene & Co Global – Executive Summary

In a changing world businesses need to be responsive and be able to change their business processes to meet changing needs. In a competitive world only those who can delight their customers will keep their customers; only those who can provide excellent service on an ongoing process will remain competitive. Thus, the ability of key business processes to perform excellently is critical to business success. To achieve this, processes need to be both efficient and effective. Efficiency requires that the processes run smoothly all the time, regardless of surrounding circumstances. Effectiveness mean meeting and exceeding customer expectations. It is always important to see each process in the context of its environment, recognising that it is not possible to optimise all processes within a system. Before any detailed work is carried out on an individual process it is important to understand the system within which that process operates. – Appleton Greene & Co Global

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Many companies have tried and failed to run improvement projects and campaigns; these often fail for three reasons: There is no clear definition of projects which are needed to improve the overall business performance; there is lack of senior management engagement and finally communication within the organisation lacks clarity and direction. I lead Process Excellence initiatives which address all these issues, and thus deliver successful and lasting transformation. By leading process based transformation, we ensure that all staff are engaged and motivated and learn the necessary skills to continue the process on an ongoing basis, that is that they will adopt and apply continual improvement.

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Service Methodology

Appleton Greene & Co Global – No process works within a vacuum; nor does any system. For this reason, Process Excellence can only be successful and long lasting if it comes from a systems thinking perspective. Before embarking on a project to deliver process excellence, it is important to see the business as a whole, or as a system, working with senior managers from all process areas of the division or group, we together gain a high level understanding of the business and the issues it is facing. This allows managers to understand their business from a high level, and highlights key areas in need of process improvement. This is represented in a “System Map”. The work of producing the System Map with managers will also expose the “golden thread” that runs through the business and which any process excellence initiative needs to seek to develop. The map will also highlight important feedback cycles within the organisation. This work will clarify the overall objectives of the organisation, and clearly indicate areas within the business which will lead the improvement initiatives.

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Successful change and process excellence should be built on existing strengths within the organisation. For this reason, Strength based change methodologies are applied; these allow the organisation to build on and appreciate what it has and continues to do well. In doing this change is seen in a positive light, and the adverse effects of “deficit” based change are avoided. A key element in the process improvement is the selection of key players within the organisation who can be used to encourage and drive the initiative. In this context they become “change leaders”. They will work as team leaders; process based teams will be heavily involved in the change process, in order that the initiative is accepted and embrace the changes making it “theirs”.

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Service Mission

Appleton Greene & Co Global – The aim of this proposition is to deliver successful and lasting change, which is embraced by all levels of an organisation, and which leaves a legacy and culture of continual improvement, and the internal skills to continue the transformation. Team members should be given the skills to understand the objectives on process improvement and be able to lead future projects. Overall an understanding of variation in processes will be embraced, and negative behaviour to variation will stop. As part of this, basic statistical process control techniques will be adopted; where clients wish software can be taught to aid statistical analysis (for example: Baseline, Winchart or Minitab, depending on clients’ needs).

Appleton Greene & Co Global – When fully embraced and adopted by managers, business experience a positive and dramatic change in organisational behaviour. Data becomes more reliable, as the need to and desire to distort data is clearly seen. Through team sessions teams will be taught improved methodologies, ranging from meeting management to planning act ivies; in particular consensus decision making tools are introduced through the initiative. These have distinct benefits outside the process improvement initiative and should have benefits throughout the company. All staff in the organisation, whether involved in the direct activities will be informed of the initiative, its objectives and how it will run. This can be through large briefing sessions or smaller workshops for all staff. Communication should be and be seen to be transparent and on both directions.

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Appleton Greene & Co Global – It is important that the initiative is seen in a strong light; to do this current and past successes of the organisation need to be celebrated and built upon. This will be done using positive change solutions. In addition the work of W.E Deming will be introduced and discussed. Past successful initiatives of this sort have led to significant benefits for clients; one was able to bring an outsourced manufactured component inhouse at a saving of at least $400,000 per month; another resolved cash flow collection problems, with an immediate in flow of cash of $1,000,000, and improved regular incomes,

Appleton Greene & Co Global Mr Boland

Mr. Boland MA FCMA FCIS Accredited Executive Consultant (AEC) at Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Mr Boland is an approved Executive Consultant at Appleton Greene and he has experience in production, finance and management. He has achieved a Master of Arts in Finance and Accounting, a FCMA and a FCIS. He has industry experience within the following sectors: Consultancy; Manufacturing; Non-Profit & Charities; Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical. He has had commercial experience within the following countries: United Kingdom; South Africa; Germany; India and China, or more specifically within the following cities: London; Johannesburg; Dusseldorf; Bangalore and Beijing. His personal achievements include: introduced group-wide reporting; rolled out 30 plus installations of new software (SAP); achieved manufacturing savings of over EU 400K and resolved debt collection problem for Scandinavian utility provider. His service skills incorporate: Lean Six Sigma; Minitab workshops; training development; accounting processes and positive change.

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20 Consulting Service Examples

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There are currently some 650 Accredited Consulting Services (ACS) provided by Appleton Greene worldwide. Here are 20 examples.

01. Business Administration
02. Business Development
03. Business Optimization
04. Crisis Management
05. Customer Development
06. Energy Management
07. Entrepreneurial Leadership
08. Investment Consulting
09. Marketing Optimization
10. Marketing Transformation
11. Process Excellence
12. Product Management
13. Risk Analysis
14. Soulful Leadership
15. Sustainable Development
16. Transitional Growth
17. Value Innovation
18. Retirement Planning
19. Change Strategy
20. Product Lifecycle

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